In an effort to restore communities it takes all of us. You can participate as an individual (Community Activator) or a business (Community Information Hub). To start the process you can register below at the appropriate link. 

Community Activator (CA) is an individual that desires to influence their community to become safer while providing income and educational opportunities for all residents. CA’s will be provided the tools to be successful in transforming their immediate community. Each CA will be given a certain demographic to oversee and ensure that the resident’s needs are being met.

Each assigned CA will be trained and compensated on becoming a successful and productive influencer. 



Some of the requirements in order to be a productive CA:

  • Must Be Social Media Savvy

  • Must Be A Go-Getter

  • Must Be A Hard Worker

  • Cannot  Be Afraid of Success

Community Activator

Community Information Hubs (CIH) serves as the backbone for programs and practical solutions designed to revitalize urban cores, embrace rural America while partnering with Suburban America. Hair Salons, Barbershops and mom and pop restaurants historically are not only gathering places for food and beauty but also to share information and fellowship. 


Each partnering CIH will be provided grant residual income and revenue opportunities through marketing, retail and events.


Some of the requirements in order to be a productive CIH are the following:

  • Must Have Televisions

  • Must Have Internet

  • Be Family Friendly

  • Be Community Minded

Community Info Hub

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