Who Really Cares (WRC) is a national question, posed by the father of five daughters, focused on uniting a divided country and restoring families across America through policy and practical solutions. Who Really Cares, understands in order to restore families it must first address the current culture by establishing the Value of a Life. WRC believes the missing ingredients have been individuals with a servant mindset, natural intuition for the caring of people and ability to understand or willingness to implement practical solutions. WRC has taken the position, based on the natural abilities of women, their intellect, creativity, and fortitude to make progress; it's time for women to lead our communities and country.


Female Veterans will oversee the mission nationally as they have the disciple and proven commitment to serving their country. Locally they will encourage, empower and inspire women and girls to unite on commonalities in order to move communities forward for the greater good.  


Through years of trials and studies, primary data demonstrates when a lack of self-worth and blight dominates a geographical area, it causes generations of hopelessness. Generations of hopelessness directly affect public safety and progress.  However, in order to end or reverse hopelessness, and to develop progress, one must have sustainable income and educational opportunities regardless of skill-sets. In local municipalities, a servant-minded public servant will move the cities closer to strengthening and restoring families while eradicating domestic violence and sexual exploitation.


The call to action is for all women to stand together and men to stand with their mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, and daughters to assist in making America the Best America.  American cities and towns since their inception have had male-dominated elected officials and billion dollar annual budgets with little to progress in addressing major areas such as:


  1. Poverty

  2. Sexual Exploitation

  3. Domestic Violence

  4. Income and Educational Opportunities for all.  


The aforementioned proves, "Money Want Fix It" as it relates too many of our public safety issues, systemic issues, and generational mindsets. Only forward thinking, intelligent, caring, strong-willed, communicative and purposed driven individuals will truly move communities and America Forward. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

WRC mission is to create opportunities for women to lead as the majority regardless of race, political affiliations, socioeconomics or zip codes but based on communalities and the willingness to serve the masses.   


Our Vision

WRC vision is to have women leading our local municipalities and country with a solid majority by 2023, having reduced the Veteran suicide rate and created a more unified America.  

We Need Your Support Today!

Who Really Cares?

WRC and its partners are ready to empower you to THRIVE but its take you to make a commitment and put yourself first. YOU ARE VALUABLE!!!!!!!!!

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